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Original art, art classes Palmdale, CA

#4 Daily Painting, by Gabriele Baber, "Birthday Rose"

You know, in my life time as an artist, I have done very very few roses. I find them particularly difficult to paint. I end up tight every time, as you can see in this daily painting of "Birthday Rose". I doubt seriously I will ever become a "Rose Painter". I decided to paint this one today however, inspite of the fact that I don't particularly enjoy painting roses, to honor the fact that my husband, came home yesterday, with a rose for what he called, my "Un Birthday". You see, today is my birthday, so he was a day early. The least I could do is paint it. I used a bit of artistic licence on it. Well, that is my excuse and I am sticking to it!

This painting is a 6x8 oil on panel, and is available for $75.

Click here to see this painting larger.


1 Response to #4 Daily Painting, by Gabriele Baber, "Birthday Rose"

Carol Landry
via gabrielebaberart.com
Wow. nice. Love the colors. The flower and the leaves look really good.
It that what he brought you?

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