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Original art, art classes Palmdale, CA

#9 "Onions 1" Daily Painting by Gabriele Baber

5x7 oil on Canvas, "Onions 1" Daily painting #9
5x7 oil on Canvas, "Onions 1" Daily painting #9

Today's painting was from a photo reference, part of a larger still life set up. I did a demo a while back from the full reference, and I am thinking if I can find that piece, might pull it out and do a little tweaking for tomorrow's daily painting. I have been meaning to get back to that piece anyway. 

Onions are a challenge. The goal for this piece was not to overblend. I hate that word, blend. To me it sounds make me think of obliterate. I am trying hard to keep the integrety of the brush strokes in my work. For me, staying loose is the toughest thing to do....I am working on it. I hope you are enjoying these little paintings, as much as I am enjoying doing them.

If you would like to see this image larger, click here. to go to the website page. While you are there, check out some of my other work. If you look at the vineyard paintings, you will see how my work has changed in the last few years. Miles of canvas brings growth, and by the end of this year, I certainly will have some miles of canvas behind me.

This piece is 5x7 oil on canvas, and is being offered for $75.


2 Responses to #9 "Onions 1" Daily Painting by Gabriele Baber

ruth mccabe
via gabrielebaberart.com
I do like your still life work, particularly fruits and vegetables. Like the brush work, the composition, colour and being able to see the grain of the canvas. Vibrant and lively.

Gabriele Baber
via gabrielebaberart.com
Thank you Ruth, for your input. I have been working on just that, brushwork, composition, and more textured canvas seems to have found it's way into the recent works. Generally, I like a less toothy canvas. These daily paintings are going to help me to grow I am sure. I hope you keep watching! For now, it is out to the studio, to go make today's painting.

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