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Original art, art classes Palmdale, CA

#12 Daily Painting, The uncooperative elephant at the zoo...

Elephant, sketched as he walked away...oil on canvas, 5x7
Elephant, sketched as he walked away...oil on canvas, 5x7

Today was a long long day. I decided that since I needed to pick up some art supplies at BLICK, in Little Italy, (San Diego) that I should go to the zoo to do my daily painting. Well..it seemed like a good idea at the time anyway. I met my friend Chris there, and we decided to wander, and shoot photos in the morning, do lunch, and then settle in for painting in the afternoon when the sun came out.

We found our way over to the elephant enclosure, and that was to become the subject for today's daily painting. Well...it went something like this:

A Big old elephant, leaning against a pole, (Really looking kind of pathetic) didn't appear to be going anywhere anytime soon....(ha..yeah right) The story behind the big old elephant, was that he was in mourning. He just stood there, in the same spot, all day, leaning against the pole. (It was a big pole) Apparently, his partner, died a couple weeks ago, along with another elephant. Sad...I guess they had an elephant funeral and everything...anyway, back to the painting side of this story.

So I set up my easel, and just when I was sketching in, he started to get restless...and finally, he moved...from what was going to be a front view, to a side profile..Ok..wipe off the sketch, and start again, profile. Sketch it in, and start warming up to him, and next thing you know...he starts walking away.....and then stops..This guy is really slow. So, I pick up my gear, and move over to where he was, and start again. Next thing you know, he starts walking away..Mind you this guy had not moved all morning...or so they said.  The sketch posted here in this blog,  is the quicky washed in sketch I did, while he was walking away. Again, I picked up my gear and moved, because someone "said" that he was viewable further down, from the side again. Well, sure, from behind a boulder, you could see the top of his head. I did the best I could to get what I could, before they opened the gate, and let him in the other enclosure. Then as I was picking up my gear, the docent came by and said, "Oh, he is giving a good show over there..." So I packed up my gear, and wandered to the other enclosure, where he was in profile, but with his butt to the sun instead of his head. Forget it...I am moving on at this point.

So, back to the flamingos, to watch their show. The afternoon light was in it's glory, so had to check them out again...They were a young bunch, and had not yet figured out that they could not fly. They were running around, and flapping their wings, and splashing and rolling around in the water. It was cool.


I would like to say I will post the elephant in side profile, later,  but I doubt that's gonna happen. Some are just not for the world to see. That, and in all the excitment, I didn't take a photo of the side profile. There just was not the time.


What did I learn from today's daily painting? If you are gonna go to the zoo, pick a heard, or a flock of something, because there is a better chance that "somebody" is gonna float through the right pose sometime....either that or bring a sketch book and work really, really, fast.

Tomorrow, I should be in Old Town Temecula, someplace, painting.


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