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Original art, art classes Palmdale, CA

#15 Daily Painting by Gabriele Baber "Guava 2"

#15 Daily Painting by Gabriele, "Guava 2" 6x6 oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas
#15 Daily Painting by Gabriele, "Guava 2" 6x6 oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas

This 6x6 daily painting is on the thick gallery wrap and does not require a frame. If you would like to see the process of this piece, you can go to my other blog (blog spot) where I posted four photos of the work in process. Click here I don't post as often to that blog, but it is easier when I want to do video, or "how to" stories. You can sign up for both blogs, however, this one is the most active at the moment.


The subject for this painting was from my shopping trip to the Temecula Wednesday Farmers Market this week. I found some nice guavas of all kinds that I thought would make a nice subject. I also pulled out an old voting booth that I had a aquired a while back and set up the still life on that. It is kind of handy, although a bit bulky as it is made out of metal, and collapses down to a bit larger than a brief case sized box thing with a handle..Looks like one of those metal briefcases. Anyway, the legs prooved to be a pain in the neck and made the box too tall, so I set it up on a roll around cart that I have. It allowed me to have three walls and cover the top so that I could control the lighting better. I have been getting reflected light from the overhead lighting. This works out pretty well. I will post a photo at a later date. If you wish me to send you a photo, just contact me.

Thanks for following my blog. Please share this with your friends...oh, and by the way, I have sold two of my daily paintings. I am pleased.


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